The Methane Abatement in Maritime innovation initiative brings together the brightest minds, to explore technologies which will monitor, measure and help abate methane emissions.

Our Mission

You can’t tackle a problem without knowing the extent of the problem. In order to reduce methane, you need to measure it.

We will bring together the brightest minds to explore technologies to monitor, measure and abate methane emissions.

While focusing on methane emissions in maritime, we expect this work to have an impact on the broader decarbonisation space.

Our Goal

We believe that better information will allow the maritime industry to better understand the extent to which its LNG-fuelled ships are emitting methane.

As this occurs, companies’, society and policymakers understanding of LNG’s environmental impact will grow, empowering markets to channel investments to new technologies that can reduce methane slip, or to other alternative fuels.

Transforming the shipping sector means zero-carbon fuels must become available on a commercial scale, along with the infrastructure required to deliver them to ships.

LNG could lay the foundation for the switch to zero emission fuels, but that must not distract efforts to reduce the methane emissions of its LNG-fuelled ships in the meantime.

Our Work

In 2023, the Methane Abatement in Maritime initiative will explore and endorse a set of scalable technology solutions and transparency mechanisms that can support members of the maritime industry to capture, calculate and manage methane emissions activity.

The group will take an inclusive approach to developing its recommendations, to ensure they are actionable, accessible and built upon cutting-edge research and innovation from all sectors involved. Initially consisting of eight members, it will also draw upon the expertise of academics, civil society and other stakeholders.

Members of the initiative will share best practices and lessons learned, so that peers can take immediate actions to reduce the methane emissions of their fleets.

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